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Pricing Information

6”, 4 Layer Cake - Basic Beauty (Nice and tall! and includes custom colors, fun sprinkles and drips!) - $75 (serves 10 -16… serves more when you cut cake in half by width and then cut by height!  The rate goes up for custom cakes with additional decorations. 

For example - Here is our "Basic Beauty" cake which is $75.  The cake next to it has more details and would cost around $130



“Tiny Tiered” Cake - Basic Beauty - A small tiered cake that makes a big statement!! Perfect for parties or intimate weddings - A 6 inch, 4 layer cake on the bottom and a 4 inch, 3 layer cake on top! (serves 15-20, depending on the style of cutting) - Starts at $165. *rate goes up with more details / florals*

Classic Tiered Cake - An 8 inch, 3 layer cake on the bottom and a 6 inch, 4 layer cake on top! (serve30-40) - Starts at $225 / Upgrade to an 8 inch, 4 layer cake on bottom / 6 inch, 4 layer cake on top (dramatic height and serves more when cutting by height & width) - starts at $275 *rate goes up with more details / florals*

Three Tiered Cake / Larger tiered cakes - Contact for exact quote * We take on a limited amount of tiered / wedding cakes in order to give each project our full attention to detail!*

Cupcakes - $30 per dozen (basic buttercream topping & sprinkles) * rate goes up for filling, different toppers, fondant work, etc. 

Signature Cookies - $35 per dozen.  Our super special sea salt, pretzel, chocolate chip cookies… We dip them in ganache & drizzle them with pink vanilla, then top with sprinkles, to keep things exciting! They will change your life… seriously.

Ca-Truffles - $23 for a gift box of 9.  $63 for box of 25. - Current Flavors - funfetti or chocolate / Custom flavors available.

Please fill out the cake order form below for exact quote and to reserve your date.

The Fun Stuff

Cake flavors - Chocolate, Vanilla, Funfetti (our most popular!), Almond, Marble, Pecan, Lemon, Maple

Premium Flavors ($5 added) - Chocolate Bourbon, Vanilla with Fresh Raspberries, Coconut Rum, Vanilla with Fresh Strawberries


Buttercream fillings - Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Raspberry, Nutella, Salted Caramel, Peanut butter, Coconut, Cookies & Cream, Maple, Almond, Pecan & (seasonally - eggnog)


Other Fillings - Strawberry preserves with fresh strawberries / Raspberry preserves with fresh raspberries (add $10)

Fillings for Cupcakes available too!

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